It’s time to Act Up!

Acting Up

Today is a day of great news! My first play SAGA will be performed as part of Acting Up, an evening of short plays in Glasgow and I couldn’t be happier. SAGA is a short play, originally part of a practical research project for my Masters, and I am delighted that it now has a life outside of the world of academia. And I must say, I’m a both excited and a little scared to have a play put on – it’s an allround new experience and I am loving every second!

The play is about two people finding themselves in a frozen reality; a limbo of sorts, a place where the mind flees to when it can’t handle a traumatic event. The two try to help each other as well as figuring out their own existence, but there’s a catch: they travel in opposite time lines. Is there a way out?

Production is well underway; meetings, rehearsals, music and details getting sorted in the company of a coffee and a scone at the CCA – there are worse offices I suppose. So here’s the deal: I will be performing SAGA together with the amazing Scottish actor James Robson at Swing on November 12th at 7pm and I hope to see some of you there!


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