Stars in the Night Sky


I got challenged some time ago and while I ignore most of those, this is one I will accept, because today is the first day of winter and the stars are brighter than ever.

So here’s a list of things I am grateful for:

– Midnight strolls through sleepless cities
– Milkshakes when it’s that warm even in autumn
– Meeting new people who have effortless smiles
– A desire to become who I want to be
– Realizing that learning is hard but knowing is easy –that only you ultimately stand in your own way and you can take that step aside
– The changes in life, no matter how afraid I am of them or how painful they are
– Friends to whom time and space does not matter
– My family
– The Road
– Creative insomnia in the candlelight
– Music
– The stories in my mind
– And seeing them come alive

The winter is coming and it’s getting darker and darker every day. It’s hard to remember sometimes but I think it’s important to pause and look up and remember the stars that always shine every second of every day. Stars that are gone and stars that are born, their light still travels with us.

A quote from my recent play SAGA: “I believe everyone wakes up sometime, somewhere and see. See the sky, its blue colour. How it’s a shade lighter than the ocean. The leaf with its veins and the rings of life on the trees. But sometimes we get lost, the world changed, enclosed my very essence and I became a star.”


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