The Hidden Blog

That’s right. I got another blog!

Mostly cause I like keeping things organized and it really was just a pet project that was supposed to never see the light of day but here we are and I guess it’s a proof of that age old saying “things rarely work out the way we think they will”.

Have you found it yet? I won’t blame you if you hadn’t even heard of it before to be honest. It was a secret of mine, a way to put good use to the photos I kept taking over and over again. Seriously, my family and friends will gladly tell you that I’m a paparazzi of nature and will stop to take hundreds of pics everywhere I go!

It’s called Innumeras Fabulas and to answer that question that just crinkled your eyebrows; it’s Latin for Countless Stories. I believe that a picture speaks more than a 1000 words will ever do, for me a picture is both the truth, the mirror and the lie we battle all the time. With a picture you can tell a story that would take you a book to say. With a picture you can say all those things you can’t find the right words for. You can recover lost moments and let your imagination run wild. With a picture you can communicate across borders, across cultures and languages. You can bring the past with you, you can create a vision of the future and you can capture the present just as it is. A picture can be so simple and so complex at the same time.

A picture is a memory, a song, a story, it is everything and just pretty all the same.

And philosophical talk aside; I just really, really love looking at the world through the camera lens. Take a snap and enjoy the moment.

Click here or go to the menu and you’ll find it!

Maria Jones in the forest looking surprised in a "whoa!" kind of way

ps. I will at some point try to phase these two together
into some awesome mix but for now we keep it like
this to see how it goes and chill with it.


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