About me

Welcome to my blog!

The name’s Maria Jones and I’m a Swedish actress with an international base, having mostly spent my time in Scandinavia and the UK. I came into the acting business quite by chance as a 9-year-old through a commercial and I’ve been hooked ever since.

Born in Västerås, Sweden (And yes, it is pronounced like the world of “Game of Thrones”, I’d like to think Martin loves this little town so much he stole the name), I grew up in and around Stockholm where I eventually found a passion for the creative arts. But I had to take a detour around physics and astronomy first just to make sure. Early 2011 saw the start of a great many visits to the UK to pursue a professional acting career before I finally moved to Glasgow in the fall of 2013 to earn an MA in Acting from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland. I graduated with merit in October 2014 and then I went back and finished up a BA in Theatre Studies from Gothenburg University in February 2015. Yes, I got them the wrong way round, I think that’s cool, yeah?

Besides writing I also enjoy photography, singing, music, swimming, the great outdoors and travel. The life of a recently graduated actor is not boring, so come along for the ride!



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