The Hidden Blog

That’s right. I got another blog! Mostly cause I like keeping things organized and it really was just a pet project that was supposed to never see the light of day but here we are and I guess it’s a proof of that age old saying “things rarely work out the way we think they … More The Hidden Blog

The Last Equinox

I’m so excited to announce my involvement in this amazing production! The Last Equinox is a dark fantasy loosely inspired by Scottish folk legends and mythology. It is set within the fictional village of Artairhan. The villagers once relished in the legend that human sacrifice was a necessary tradition to stave off black magic – … More The Last Equinox

Combat and scripts

It has been a very long time since my last blog post. So what happened in January? Well, a lot is the simple answer. (The picture may speak for itself.) So here is a breakdown just for you: Firstly I became one of the inaugural members of the Tron 100 club which launched last month, … More Combat and scripts